Consulting & Investments

The safety and well-being of our families drives us to grow day by day.

Watching over the evolution of your investment and accelerating its sustainable growth is our job.

Thanks to the experience and in-depth knowledge of our specialists, Lazo & Associates searches for the best investment opportunities for sustainable, responsible and inclusive development, backed by the best strategies and personalized support.

We help our clients to apply all available levers for value creation and growth.

Including strategy, operational improvement, organizational restructuring and harnessing the power of digital.

About us

We are a management consulting and investment management firm that supports companies to solve problems with innovative solutions, promoting productivity, investment, corporate responsibility, ethics and financial efficiency based on local regulation, complying with regulations and laws. financial, accounting, tax and legal.

Our team

As a consulting and investment management firm, L&A supports many organizations to commit to their role in supporting companies, providing strategies for growth, operational, digital and organizational transformation, and excellence in compliance and risks.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of advice and services to both individuals and companies. We use our combined experience to make your financial vision a reality, while our local and international knowledge allows us to offer a personal and tailored service to meet your needs.

Business Consulting

We work with clients on issues relevant to the business management of their business, the impact of global trends and the management of stakeholders.

Accounting, Auditing and Tax

Trust is the foundation on which we build relationships with our clients. This condition is especially important in our Audit and Taxation service through which we provide clients with the reliability of the information necessary to make appropriate and timely decisions about their businesses.


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